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Un-Dating the Obvious.

Wired love, desire and care

Performance Art Curatorial Fellowship

The third guest researcher Valentina Peri will contribute to the Performance Art Curatorial Fellowship curated by Dyana Gravina at IKLECTIK London.

General framework: How can new technologies relate to embodied knowledge and practices, and can this conversation redefine narratives for ‘engendered bodies’? What’s the future(s) o of gender and sexuality in the 21st century? How do we pioneer possibilities for identities existing outside univocal and patriarchal scripts?

The last of these first 3 stages of research, (2022-2023), hosts guest researcher and curator Valentina Peri will examine the role of technologies and computer dating in contemporary culture. 

Technologies can seem neutral while extending and replicating the power and belief systems of particular groups, in order to keep the power. Using intersectionality in the analysis of the history of computer dating the research offers insights into the history of sexualities' intersection with technology, the replication of heteronormative institutions and ideals, and the ability of technologies to create social categories of “needs.”

Extending the reflection and critical perspective of the exhibition "The Museum of Dating" curated by Valentina Peri at Watermans London (until 23 of April), the objective of the intervention at IKLECTIK is to give space to queer positions on computing, intimacy, love and desire which interrogate the infrastructure of heteronormativity, and to contribute to the large and growing set of conversations about diversity in technology, in the past, present and speculative futures.


Magali Desbazeille

Day Eve Komet

Lordess Foundre

Loïs Soleil & Cecilie Fang Jensen

Noam Youngrak Son

Fantasia Malware (Jira Duguid, Chloê Langford & Gabriel Helfenstein)

Benjamin Sebastian


Iklectik London

21 April 2023

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