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In 1964 Joan Ball, a woman running a marriage bureau in London, had come to the conclusion that computers were the future of dating. She run the first computer dating company in the UK: COM-PAT, until 1974.
I met Joan in London in 2022, accessed her archive and documented the amazing stories she had to tell.

This filmed interview of Joan Ball, written and directed by Valentina Peri, is part of her ongoing research on the phenomenon of dating and matchmaking in the 21st century. It will be premiered in February 2023 in London.

The curatorial research is supported by Fluxus Art Projects, and will be publicly displayed at Watermans London from February to May 2023 in the context of the exhibition “The Museum of Dating”, curated by Valentina Peri.


The Lady of Computer Dating

Written, Directed and Produced

by Valentina Peri

DOP, Creative Direction and Edit by Jhenyfy Muller


Photography by Norbert Kniat I David Kindred


Starring Joan Ball

Running Time: 35 min

A film by Valentina Peri in collaboration with Jhenyfy Muller


Please write me if you wish to watch the film: info [at]

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